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  • "But where do I begin?" said Alice

    Where does the critical Management information come from that drives your Investment Management business?

    A simple question often unasked and more often unanswered.

    Is what you know today just the beginning of all the information you need to build the future?

    Begin by joining our select community using the leading Sales Intelligence solution, custom-built for our industry

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  • Mirror Mirror on the wall ...

    Do your incentive arrangements for sales and client servicing staff mirror the industry's best?

    Are sales rewards directly aligned to client satisfaction and value creation, or lost in mysterious discretionary reward programs?

    Are you able to attract and retain the best people?

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  • I spy with my little eye ...

    Persistently peeking, prying and questioning; key stakeholders demand consistent and reliable information.

    Have you been using crystal balls of information to answer increasingly difficult requests from the Board, client RFPs, consultants and industry surveys?

    Imagine the power of central Analytical Marketing and Sales tool that brings credibility and decision-making powers to your Executive team and the wider business

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Welcome to Fishtank

We are specialists at delivering our investment management & private banking clients real competitive advantage - Immediate and intimate Sales performance insight . (Sales Alpha)

We're passionate about helping our clients better understand, drive and reward sales performance.
"begin at the beginning and continue to the end .."

Big data analytics

Structured data sourcing and management solutions (integrated with CRM, CMS and Marketing Automation), providing real strategic insights .... Read more

Sales Analytics

Fishtank provides rich intelligence, and analytical indicators, that drive an accelerated engagement with clients and a corresponding improvement in sales performance.

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Sales Reward

Ensuring the critical link between individual action, customer satisfaction, financial/ business performance and reward.

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About Us

We are a leading niche FinTech organisation. We have client-facing resources based in London, Brussels and Melbourne.

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Simple questions discover new worlds"

Why choose us?

  • Immediate and intimate Sales performance insight
  • Specialist industry experience
  • Proven methodologies and analytical marketing tools
  • Rapidly deployable
  • Compliment, or enhance, existing client capabilities
  • Ongoing training and support
SMIUKThe latest Quarter of our research examining the dramatic evolution of Social Media and Digital Marketing across the UK Retail Investment Management has just been released.
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