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Regardless of the solution being considered, key decision makers demand Intelligence which is integrated,  complete, and dynamic.

There is a greater expectation for detail on every aspect of marketing, distribution and sales output using exact metrics.  Unfortunately this can be very difficult and time consuming to produce.

For the Investment Management industry, production of rich Customer and Sales Analytics has always been somewhat of a minefield.

The most critical (and challenging) measure is the dynamic reporting of:

Actual Sales Outcomes (Gross/Net Flows). 

To be valuable, this needs to be accompanied by revenue and margin information, and broken down by channels at a detailed Client and Product level. 

From this central measure, reporting should also include:

  • Breakdown by Platforms and underlying distributors,
  • Switching‘ activity, where and when it occurs and the value gained or lost,
  •  Instances of ‘Churning‘,  and being able to isolate this from overall performance analysis (and reward), and the,
  • Duration‘ and ‘Value‘ of Client relationships held, measuring the total time (and value generated) from business generated.

At Fishtank we are specialists at delivering our investment management clients this real competitive advantage.

We understand that in order to adequately demonstrate the value created from Sales and Marketing activity, Executive Committees, Head of Sales, Heads of Distribution, Product, Compliance and Marketing Executives have an urgent appetite for real and tangible measures of incremental revenue.

Our proven methodologies and analytical marketing tools are rapidly deployable, and capable of complimenting and enhancing existing client capabilities.

In almost all cases, we can generate key sales revenue metrics (at a granular client and product level) in just 10 weeks, whilst also delivering integration with:

  • wider Market Share Research to produce accurate and dynamic share of wallet intelligence
  • key digital behavioral insights from Content Management Systems (CMS) and
  • sales pipeline process metrics from existing CRM solutions (eg. Salesforce)
all without complex programming.

Sales Intelligence Checklist