Fishtank is rich in functionality, and predictive indicators, that drive an accelerated engagement with clients and a corresponding improvement in sales performance. 

Our experience has proven time and again that monthly transparency of actual sales outcomes (good and bad) is the most powerful, and predictive, underlying behavioural driver.

Starting Position

Regardless of the individual sales strategies a Fishtank client might be considering, the starting position is always the same: rapidly capture and introduce dynamic monthly reporting of the actual sales outcomes at their ‘client’ level.

It is for this reason that almost all our engagements with clients are initiated with an accelerated review of the existing Sales reporting capability.

Outputs from the review include live examples of Sales Performance Dashboards and Reporting, and a clear identification of key areas requiring attention (including prioritisation) to deliver them on an ongoing basis.

The review approach is designed to be unobtrusive, and is largely be done offsite by our data technicians.

From most clients the review only requires a senior sponsor, and access to an internal liaison person (most likely a well-positioned business or technical analyst).

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