The following high-level Fishtank checklist has evolved over many years.

It is our best summary of the key expectations that Senior Decisions Makers across our Industry have for Sales Intelligence and Reporting capability:

 Core Requirements (a ‘Client’ and ‘Product’ View is required for each of these core elements):

Assets Under Management
Inflows/ Outflows (net)
Market impact
Revenue on AUM
Revenues on individual flows
BPS (margins) on individual flows
Margin differentials on Switches
Actual vs. Budget Reporting
Net New Cash (NNC)
Revenue on NNC
–          YTD value
–          Current year value
–          12 month value
Revenue on AUM
Market Impact on Revenues
Timeliness – 5 days after period end

Additional Functionality:

  • Sales Forecasting / Budgeting

– Scenario Modelling
– Projected NNC
– Market Impact

  • CRM Key Process Metrics (integration & incorporation)
  • Digital Marketing Intelligence & key process metrics (integration & incorporation)
  • Alignment of reporting to Sales Reward
  • Client/ Product Portfolio Management Reporting:
  • Sales relative to product Investment performance.
  • Custom KPI’s/ KVD
  • Profitability Analysis