About Us

 “Helping our investment management clients better understand, drive and reward their sales performance”

Founded in 2005, at Fishtank we’re specialists at delivering our investment management clients a real Sales Intelligence competitive advantage;

Intimate Customer insights (including immediate Distribution look through).

One of our unique selling points is our ability to rapidly capture large volumes of data, synthesise this into critical sales intelligence, and then should a client desire link this to sales incentive arrangements.

Our proven methodologies and Managed Service solutions are rapidly deployable, and capable of complementing and enhancing existing client capabilities.  Common client applications for Fishtank include using our solutions too:

  • Provide specialised solutions to priority information requirements (e.g. UK Platform look-through, European Distribution transparency)
  • Quickly integrate actual sales/revenue results from Fishtank with sales pipeline process activity within CRM systems  (e.g. Salesforce)
  • Dynamically synchronise rich internal Sales insights with external market share research for accurate share of wallet intelligence
  • Attune with Digital Automation capabilities to better understand and drive Marketing ROI.

In almost all cases, we can substantially simplify and improve the production of key sales MI, and establish any missing sales metrics, in just 10 weeks.

We operate a boutique business model working with a select portfolio of clients across Europe and Asia.  We have client-facing resources based in London, Brussels and Melbourne.

Our pricing is based on building long-term relationships, and leverages our substantial R&D and system developments refined over the last ten years with leading investment managers and private banks.

Importantly, Fishtank are principally a process and data-oriented organisation – we use technology as an enabler between our unique proprietary approach and our clients’ business requirements.


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