Social Media Intelligence plays an invaluable role informing and directing digital marketing (and wider business) initiatives.

Listen, Learn, Focus, Act:

• When applied with defined objectives and commercial acumen, SM Intelligence is a powerful way to assemble top down strategic insight and understanding.

• From a marketing perspective, SM Intelligence plays a crucial role in maximising the all important ‘ROI’ from marketing efforts.
• It is also an invaluable tool to inform and educate key stakeholders within the organisation.

Our specific Industry focused Social Media Intelligence research:

Fishtank have a number of industry related SM Intelligence research reports tailored to the requirements of our various client groups, including our flagship UK Wealth Management research.

All of our Social Intelligence reports involve a comprehensive capture related to discussion in social media, the marketing impressions made by Client and Competitor Brands, as well as insight on wider industry influencers. Our listening capability dynamically scans vast ‘reservoirs’ of related web, mainstream and social media activity (including Twitter, foursquare, blogs, mainstream and digital media, Facebook, etc.).

We also create custom Social Media Listening reports:

To order one of our specific Industry Reports, or to discuss customised research requests, please contact our New Media Marketing Manager, Eben hocking [] to arrange a discussion.