This article includes a great cost insight into the RDR defensive strategies – with Cofunds declaring they will continue investment during 2012 in preparation for the implementation of the retail distribution review (RDR).

 The funds platform saw expenses increase by more than £9m during 2011, as a result of increased investment.

Martin Davis, the chief executive of Cofunds, says the company will make a similar investment this year.

Davis says: “We are investing heavily in RDR. It is a huge change for the majority of our customers and something we invested heavily in 2011.”

The Cofunds chief says much of the investment in 2011 was one-off costs. This year he plans a series of roadshows for financial advisers.”

The full article can be found here – 

Roadshows planned as Cofunds invests in RDR Fund Strategy – 23 Apr 2012 | By Gary Jackson


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