Fishtank Solutions has invested heavily in dynamic social media listening/ research focused on the Australian Superannuation and Investment Management industry.

The findings from our dynamic research have been revealing and surprising.  The following observations are illustrated from January 2013, whereas our Social Media research covers six month snapshots (i.e. published bi-annually).

The number of Superannuation, and related discussions, talking place through #Social channels each month is substantial and rising:

Super trend 2

Superannuation providers and Investment Managers are slowly recognising benefits of #Social and creating ‘Owned’ channels:

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 3.57.59 PM

Industry Super funds have been the early adopters of Social Media, while Retail Investment (Superannuation) Managers to date have been more cautious.

Hostplus and Colonial First State lead their respective industry segments:

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 4.03.24 PM

One of the most interesting findings however is that Superannuation ‘Brands’ have less than 20% involvement (or mentions) in Superannuation, and related discussions. 

This is a phenomena that appears to be unique to the Australian market (when compared to other countries and regions where we conduct similar research)?

Our working hypothesis is that ‘retirement savings’ is actually a topic of interest discussed across new media channels, but participation by Superannuation ‘Brands’ is either still in its infancy, and/ or providers are still searching for themes that members (and perspective members) are interested in?

 SMSF much bigger threat to regular Superannuation than many realise


As reported by Alex Dunnin in the Financial Standard on the 6th February, the bigger concern for the regular superannuation segment is that much of the frenetic interest in SMSFs is being driven by gen-X and gen-Y investors.

Our Social Media research, and insights gained from our own social media asset @Compare_SMSF (which we established to  practically understand and learn about this subject back in 2007), clearly confirm this to be the case.

This trend is being driven by the growth in Accountants (and Advisers) adopting Social Media in Australia growing exponentially.


Its an interesting topic and one that we are receiving more inquiries about.  Following on from this post we will tweet daily insights on individual brand activity on our dedicated Digital Marketing twitter handle @Catapult_DM using #SMIAust

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