GordonphotoFishtank is delighted to announce the appointment of Gordon Phillips, as our new Head of UK Business Development.

In this new role, Gordon will lead the Fishtank Business Development process across the UK Investment Management industry, building and expanding relationships with key industry executives.  Gordon will also assist in the identification of new strategic partners and work with our existing strategic alliances.

Gordon joins Fishtank after over 2 decades selling and running sales teams spanning the financial services spectrum. His experience as a front line seller with Life companies and Banks through to Head of Sales at Insight Investment, and subsequently as a consultant working across Investment Management, provides an invaluable background to what he sees as a natural transition.

Scott Williams Fishtank’s Managing Director said the appointment is “A significant step in the progression of our UK business strategy.  We have been patiently searching for the ideal candidate for this role.  In  addition to Gordon’s outstanding Business Development and Sales credentials, he brings a deep client perspective and understanding to the relevance and benefits of our extensive Sales and Marketing offering.”

Upon joining the Fishtank team Gordon Phillips said “I do believe that the timing is perfect as the impact of the Retail Distribution Review starts bedding in. Pricing transparency is creating a real focus on the component parts of the value chain and value for money.  All manufacturers should be acutely aware of what is working and what is not.  From developing sales & product strategies, through to implementing sales structures and remuneration models, complete and dynamic intelligence at a granular level provides a compelling competitive advantage for any Executive team.

Fishtank intimately understands this challenge.  The Analytics and Reward offerings provide agile and immediate on demand solutions. Fishtank are also leading edge when it comes to Social Media & Digital Marketing in this industry, which is a critical mega-trend impacting Sales, Marketing, and Distribution” said Phillips.

Phillips added “For some time now I have been searching for a fresh challenge and this certainly meets that brief. Over the last 10 years my experience has been with Asset Managers and a consistent theme has been the paucity & quality of management information around Sales output. The Fishtank Sales Analytics offering immediately attracted me and one thing is for sure, as a Head of Sales I would be an immediate buyer”

With this key appointment completed Fishtank will now also focus attention on looking to replicate a similar role within the Australian market place, building upon the signing of a number of new clients in this region this year.

Further comment or information please contact Scott Williams or Gordon Phillips.