Social Media IntelligenceASX listed companies have now been obliged to monitor investor blogs, chat sites and other social media under ASX Continuous disclosures requirements since May 2013.

Unfortunately it would appear the burgeoning social media monitoring ­industry has been overstepping marketing efforts, and the promotion of over-engineered solutions, in response to these changes.

As the ASX Head of Compliance, Mr Kevin Lewis stated in the AFR on the 17th June, “There has been quite a bit of misinformation coming from the social media monitoring industry”.

ASX Guidance Note 8 specifically identifies instances where listed companies have an obligation to monitor social media, investor blogs, and chat sites under listing rules 3.1 – 3.1 B.

Through consultation with our client group, we have created practical and cost effective monitoring solutions (from $150 per week). As part of this we provide automated delivery of daily or weekly insights directly to key company officers, and eliminate the need to invest or establish in-house system capability.

Fishtank Solutions was an early-mover into Social Media and Brand Reputation monitoring for our Financial Services clients.  Beyond the recent evolution of social media, we are an established and respected strategic adviser to a premium client base across Australia, the United Kingdom, and Continental Europe.

To arrange a complimentary trial of our Social Media monitoring service, or to discuss your customised requirements, please contact our New Media Marketing Manager, Eben Hocking [].