Gordon Phillips will conclude his formal role with Fishtank toward the end of September 2014.

“Fishtank Solutions appointed Gordon on an interim basis in 2013 to refine our UK Business Development and Sales Strategy.  With this task now largely complete Fishtank would like to sincerely thank Gordon for his wise council, and wish him well with his new consulting ventures.” commented Thibaut Waterlot, Fishtanks new Head of Europe.

During Gordon’s direct period of involvement,  Fishtank has successfully established itself as the leading provider of Sales, Marketing and Reward Intelligence solutions to the UK investment management industry.

“Fishtank is a great solution and i have enjoyed all client interactions, and wish Fishtank all the best in the future.” commented Gordon Phillips on the announcement.

Gordon’s ongoing support and endorsement of the business is a valued testament to our combined achievements to date.

Since our foundation over ten years ago, harnessing big (and unstructured) industry and client data to provide Executive users with compelling sales insight, and business Intelligence (that provides a real competitive advantage) has and always will be at Fishtanks core.

With our unparalleled industry data and analytics capabilities, in 2012 we enthusiastically embraced the ‘Nexus of Forces’ prediction from Gartner – which correctly identified the convergence of ‘Data/Information’, ‘Social Interaction’, ‘Mobility’ and ‘the Cloud’.

This substantial mega trend has and continues to drive Fishtanks transformation into a leading niche FinTech organisation.

“We firmly believe that the Nexus of Forces is profound gateway to innovation and business opportunity for Fishtank, our Clients, and the wider Wealth Management industry. The cloud for example has had a profound impact on how we now deliver, and maintain, scaleable world class sales analytics solutions to our specialised investment management client base.  In parallel we continue our substantial investments into Social and Mobile innovations for the benefit of our client group.” commented Scott Williams, Fishtanks Founder and Managing Director.

Following on shortly from this announcement will be further news on the launch of our Reseller Partner program, as well as the appointment of a new dedicated UK Sales Executive.

Gordon will continue his association, albeit informally, with Fishtank and we look forward to his ongoing support, advice, and friendship.

“It has been a pleasure working with Fishtank over the last 1.5 years and great to see a number of key brands adopting their solutions (which is the key flagship for any right minded business wanting to deliver sales analytics of any value). The business is now firmly established in the UK market which provides a natural conclusion to my direct  involvement. I will continue to recommend their capability and look forward to seeing Fishtank dominate the sales analytics space.” concluded Phillips.