Compare SMSF is an online network of Self Managed Super Fund members, and those considering setting up their own SMSF(in Australia).

Fishtank Solutions created this on-line community in 2007, recognising that investors had a real appetite for information (including the experiences and opinions of like investors), before engaging with professional (advice and product) providers.

This intimate community provides valuable lessons to understanding the identity of real customers (and market providers), their needs and what their journey looks like.

Given the focus of discussions with clients in the UK primarily regarding the Retail Distribution Review (RDR), and how the industry is responding, it seems relevant to draw attention back to this living and breathing experience.

Back in 2007 it was clear that technology and social media was clearly going to play a key role in facilitating the evolution of these interactions.

Today in the United Kingdom Financial Services industry, the RDR is a seismic event that will be at the forefont of digital marketing innovation.

The challenge that confront the industry is understanding customers’ demands and how to engage, ensuring they are recognised and provide a valuable and relevant contribution at key stages of the journey.

Turbulent market conditions contributing to erosion of trust with investors – whilst in parallel a wider digital revolution occurs that is evolving at a rapid pace – has made this all the more interesting.

In keeping with CompareSMSF living, breathing experiment design philosophy – Fishtank will upgrade the site in 2012 and invite both Digital Marketing experts, and Industry players to contribute this experience.